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    Aipu large industrial ceiling fan can be used in range of almost all need to drop temperature, ventilation places. such as shops, supermarkets, offices, hotels, hospitals, railway stations, gymnasium, dance halls, auditorium, meeting room, school, Internet cafes, workshops etc.

Also suitable for high temperature or smell of industrial production workshop, such as chemical plants, textile mills, electronics factories, machinery plants, etc., meanwhile be used for post or full cooling ventilation.

    Aipu large industrial ceiling fan works is the motor after the boot fan to produce air, air discharge, shutters automatically open, shut down when the shutters closed, ventilated indoor hot fouling gas discharge, naturally flowing into the fresh air. (For vertical negative pressure ventilation room, poultry houses, greenhouses, greenhouses, etc.).

    Aipu large ceiling fan with high volume, low noise, low energy consumption, smooth operation, long service life, Beautiful and neatness, easy to install, etc., by the customers favorite.

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